Thursday, January 29, 2009

Operation Playtime-Day 10-bubbles

Today is bubbles, bubbles, bubbles over are Operation Playtime.
I really want to try and make frozen bubbles outside, but the temperature was in the 20's today, I think it should be colder to try this, so maybe another day.
We chose to make bubble prints by using bubble stuff-we used dish detergent and water, straws, food coloring and white paper.
I put the bubble stuff in a pie plate, filling it half full. We then put in red food coloring and carefully mixed it around.
Then Mark and Grace got busy blowing bubbles.
If your youngest children are 2 or
even if they are 3, don't let them try this. Even if you are watching them carefully, and try to grab the straw as they start to suck in, they inevitablely will swallow some, and then throw-up. (This adds time to the clean-up)
We did manage to get some neat "bubble prints" from this painting technique. When the pie tin was overflowing with bubbles we laid the paper onto the bubbles. It is a very interesting look, and the children that weren't throwing up enjoyed them.
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Rhonda said...

Oh no! Look at those little faces! That was just no fun at all for them and poor you for having to do the cleaning up after they got sick. The older 2 did seem to have lots of fun though. We love bubbles, especially on a spring day! I have seen those frozen bubbles that you mentioned on someone's blog. I just can't remember where. Lapaz Home Learning maybe?

Melitsa said...

Oh man! how terrible with the sickness. I hope they felt better soon. Bravo mum for keeping going. I don't know if I could. Lovely bubble pictures. Thanks for participating and taking such clear pics.

Erica said...

Oh no, I really shouldn't laugh but I've witnessed those same faces. Sometimes even on 4 year olds!