Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It was a quiet New Year's celebration for the folks left behind at the Collins' house this year.
Daddy was off keeping everyone safe on this night.
The four oldest kids went off in different directions to party the night away.
That left Momma and 6 kids--which meant the house was half empty, but we celebrated in spite of the low number of celebrants.

The evening started with make your own english muffin pizzas.

It's hard to wait your turn when it involves something yummy.
"Is she doing it right, Luke?"
Next we made our party hats based on this idea from DLTK kids. If you check out the post before this one you can see these hats wiggle.
A short time later we frosted 2009 cookies.
It was precise work.
The evening continued on..........
Laura caught up on some sleep after 2 late-nights in a row.
2009 here we come!
The littlest among us ( and Mommy) were beginning to drift off. So...........

The Collins' family wishes everyone much peace and happiness in 2009!!!


The Krazy Girl said...

You are sooooo awesome!!!! Your kids look like they had a blast.

Rhonda said...

You always make it look like so much fun!I know those kiddos of yours absolutely adore you! Happy New Year!

Cay G. said...

What a Great Party.
Happy 2009!