Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Get-togethers-Make My Monday

Nothing can "Make My Monday" more than photos of a fun Palm Sunday family get together.
So, be warned, there are a lot of photos Making My Monday today!!
Treats are a necessity when have a party at Grandma C's house.
Thanks to Laura, we all enjoyed these pretzel treats.
Cousins and cousins' kids became reaquainted for a wonderful Palm Sunday pizza party.
Maria and Maddie---you will notice that Maddie appears in many of the photos, held by a wide variety of relatives---that's what happens when you are the very cute baby of the party.
Laura, Karissa and Amy
Grandma C. and Dan
Thanks for sharing your house, Grandma!
Joe, Joe's daughter Sara and Sara's daughter Maddie.
cousins Maria and Gracie
Cousins Vinnie and Mark (YES---this pair is TROUBLE)
Aunt Mary and her very "in demand" bread dip.
Brothers Joe, Pat and Gerry---the little one is brother-in-law Jim.
Uncle Jim and great niece Maddie
Vinnie---half of "TROUBLE"
"Who are you typing too, Amy?"
Aunt Mary and Kimmy
"Pizza man is here!"
Uncle Tim
Maddie and Aunt Sue
cousin Emily and Maddie
"Let's eat Palm Sunday pizza!"
Dillon and his dad Tim
"What do you mean, the bunny came early to Grandma's house?"
This was a quick egg hunt, not just because the kids were so fast, but also because the temperature was in the 30's.
Pretty dresses--white tights and winter coats.
"Where are those eggs?"
Gracie seemed to do quite well in the hunt.
"Who are you typing too, Laura?"
brotherly love?
Dan, Mark and Pat
cousin love
Dan and Vinnie
sisterly love
Kimmy and Becky
Cousin love? or is that TROUBLE
Vinnie and Mark
Good try, Aunt Mary!
Aunt Mary, Maria and Mark

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Palm Sunday---it Made My Monday!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Good-bye my little beauties.....

the forecasted low temperature tonight is 10 degrees.....
good-bye my little spring flowers.....

Looking at the sky on Friday

A day at the nearby state park refreshed our winter weary souls--we were able to soak in some glorious sunshine.
If you look real careful, you can see tiny buds on the tree---spring IS here.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

stART--The Very Hungry Caterpillar

For this weeks stART project, we enjoyed the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
This is the perfect springtime book. It celebrates the little caterpillar as it eats its way through the book, and then becomes a very beautiful butterfly.
I found these great story sequencing cards at DLTK crafts.
I just love these cards. Our book came with a cd, so I have tucked these cards right into the cd pocket in the book, so that they are always handy.
For a craft to accompany this book we made our own version of the handprint butterfly.
Each of the kids picked their own color of construction paper for the butterfly's body.
I traced the head and body shapes onto the construction paper so the littles could cut it out themselves.
Big google eyes and pipe cleaner antenna finish the head and body.
The next step was the messy step. Let the littles stamp 4 handprints onto cardstock.
Kimmy is an expert 3 year old cutter.

Kimmy's beautiful butterfly!
Let your handprints dry and then cut them out into wing shapes.
Glue the handprints onto the back of the butterfly's body.
You can be done with your butterflies at this point, but these are such special butterflies, I decided to have the kids embellish them
We used peel and stick foamie shapes to decorate our butterflies.

Our finished butterflies.
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