Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Homemade Model of a Lung

Daddy made us a model of our diaphragm and lungs today.  He needed a 1 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off.  Two balloons and two rubber bands.
Cut the neck off of one balloon and attach it with a rubber band to the bottom of the bottle.  This is the diaphragm.
Next put a balloon into the top of the bottle. Use a rubber band to secure it.  This balloons represents the lungs.
Now slowly pull the bottom balloon downward...this is inhaling, the top balloon enlarges.  When you push the bottom balloon up (exhaling) the lung gets smaller.
Science is fun!

A Water Balloon in a Bottle

 More water fun, with a little air pressure thrown in. 
I saw this on the Steve Spangler web site.
Put a balloon into a 1 liter bottle.
 Try and blow it can't.  The bottle is not empty. It is full of air that takes up space.  The balloon cannot expand.
 Use a pushpin to put a hole into the bottom of the bottle.
Now try and blow up the balloon.
 You can do it!  The air in the bottle goes out the hole in the bottom of the bottle.
(It is hard to blow up, but you can do it)
Next, take your finger, or duck tape and cover the hole...the air remains in the balloon, even with the cover off the bottle.
While still holding your finger over the hole, fill the balloon with water.
 Go outside.  This could be a trick that you can play on someone, but we all watched the video on the Steve Spangler site so we were ready.
 Remove your finger (or the duck tape) from the bottle....air rushes into the bottle through the hole and forces the water out of the balloon.
After our original trick, we filled the balloon with water again.  With Amy's help, I got it tied off without having a shower.  Now we have a water balloon in a bottle.
This can really stump people.
Have fun with science!

A New Fire Place

 The kids made me a new fire place in the backyard yesterday....
It was mostly Mark and Grace, but Mark tries his best to avoid photos.
We are looking forward to a campfire and some s'mores!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sea Foam Painting

 We finished up our last activity in this month's Kiwi Crate:  My Sea Foam Painting.
 Kimberly read the directions and assembled all the supplies.
 Of course, everything was included, except for the paper I put on the table to protect it from the paint.
 In this crate was a one-way straw (just perfect for this artwork).
The then covered the end of the straw with a piece of cloth, secured by a rubber band...all included.
 Luke and Kim added dish soap, water and water color paint into the supplied container.

 Now the fun part, dip the straw into the paint and blow....the bubbles make wonderful designs on the water color paper.

Luke tried to see how high he could make the bubble mountain.
 After they were dry, we decorated them with the supplied colored chalk.
 I love Kimberly's crabs, and
 and Luke's hammerhead shark!
When we received our first Kiwi Crate it came with a poster to put the monthy theme stickers on...ours has been filled to capacity.
Today we made a little chart for our current stickers.
Thanks Kiwi Crate for all the fun you supply to our family.

Last Week's Lessons

Monday, July 28, 2014

Opening our July Kiwi Crate-Beach Day

I'm late with our "Opening Our Kiwi Crate" post....but I have to admit we did open it as soon as it arrived. 
In this month's crate was a beach ball....Kimberly immediately opened that and blew it up.  When Luke saw her ball, he found his and was very happy.  (We subscribe with the sibling option, so there is always enough supplies for both kids).
Once they dug out the beachballs, I put the box back together so you can see this month projects.
"crazy crabs" and a "sea foam painting."
They both looked very cute.
We always enjoy the "Explore" magazine.  It is full of activities pages and assorted crafts and also fun with food.
On the last pages of the magazine was a cut out of a shark puppet.  Kimberly did this right away.  (with the sibling pack you receive two magazines)
 It was a cute cut and fold and embellish activity.
As always, every single thing needed for each activity is included...including fiber fill, stickers and sticky google eyes.  Each child gets to make 2 crabs.
Kim and Luke were able to craft on their own.
 The sea foam painting looks very cool.  We haven't made these yet...tomorrow is the day for this, so I will post the final results tomorrow night.
Each child has two sheets of water color paper to use...I looking forward to this.
 In the "Explore"magazine were the directions to make a sponge splash ball.
 Here is our version from an older post.
 Great for a hot day...Thanks Kiwi Crate.
The next day we made out Crazy Crabs.
The kids could make these completely on their own. 
Two crabs come in a regular subscription, but with the sibling pack, we have 4 crazy clams.
So cute.
Now, you line them up and roll the beach ball at them, trying to knock off the "shell".  The shells easily go back on. 
I just think these are great.
Tomorrow we will be making our Sea Foam Painting...Hopefully I will post this process and final project tomorrow evening.
Thank you, Kiwi Crate for another fun box. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Perfect Day to get Married

 Load up the van, it's time to head to Lindsay and Dan's wedding.
 A very proud father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle.
 Mark caught the first kiss as husband and wife on the camera.
 The newlyweds along with Grandma and Grandpa Hesler and the proud parents of the bride.
 Waiting for picture taking.
 Matt and Becky
The reception took place at Emerson Park on Otsego Lake (one of the Finger Lakes)
 The youngest attendees to the wedding (but for 2 babes in arms.)
 Luke and Kim with the sunshine in their eyes.
Line 'em up!
 Good looking group...God has sure blessed us! Here we are missing Pat Jr, Matt and his wife Alexis, and Daniel.
 "MOM, I want you to take this picture!"
 Another view of the grounds.
 A beautiful hornets nest underneath the slide on the playground.
Best favors ever
 Mother and Father of the bride.
Mr and Mrs. Dan Rooney

 Myself and my 2 sisters and 2 brothers...together again.
The Outlaws!!