Monday, January 26, 2009

Operation Playtime--Day 7-Pretend

Today's Operation Playtime theme is: Pretend.
The kids around here are experts at pretending!! They do it all day long. All it took for several hours of pretend play today was newspaper hats (and one newspaper boat).
I gave a suggestion that the couch be a boat and the kids be pirates, the rug, of course, was the water.
At one point, Mark jumped off the boat and into a "jet ski", but he was supposed to be doing schoolwork, which came to a halt when the hats were made.
The big pirates
or sailors
or Robin Hood
A few hours after the initial fun, I looked into the living room and all the kids were in my chair fishing. (You see, they do know how to pretend.)
Goofy fishermen and women!
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heavenly bliss said...

Georgia and Josie would fit right in (Brad too). They like to play boats and water and sharks and pirates etc.
xoxo Jenny

Bia said...

oh, what fun! kids have the greatest imagination.

when my sister and i were growing up we would put on the most lavish productions for the family...complete with music, a program, and an intermission. we had the best times.

imagination...the best toy.

Rhonda said...

Oh I just love seeing them playing all together. How sweet!

Melitsa said...

Thank goodness the sharks didn't appear. lol. We have a whale that eats us up- cue VeggieTale music in our house. The kids fishing - great.

Thanks for participating.