Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Buggy Kind of Day

This morning began as a regular homeschool day, we got busy at the kitchen table, and then someone noticed this fellow on the window. Of course, being the mom that I am, I went out and caught it.
A Fork Tailed Bush Katydid

Putting the books aside, I decided to let the kids make a cricket habitat....we have done this in years past with the older (now grown) kids, but it was a first for the littles.

But, instead of a cricket, the first creature was this Forest Wolf Spider. Mark was able to capture this guy.

We got our cricket habitat ready. An old fish tank with sand in the bottom, some sticks and rocks, and pieces of apple for food. (Crickets also seem to love Cheerios.)

The current count is 12 females and 13 male crickets.

Luke then brought me a grasshopper.

He was very proud.

I love this grasshoppers personality. Luke named him, Super Super Jumper.

Adding more crickets to their new home.

Kimmy with her captures.
Daddy had to work today, so he didn't know it was bug day. But he called and told us that he had caught us a Praying Mantis. (His co-workers were a little surprised to hear that his wife would love a Praying Mantis)

We looked up what to feed our Praying Mantis, and would you believe told us to feed it crickets. This made Gracie cry, but our Mantis is too small for crickets so the kids are finding smaller bugs for it to eat.

Happy bug day, everyone!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Melanie the Monarch has hatched

Yesterday morning I was awakened by excited children telling me that they could see the butterfly through the chrysilis. I wish I could have gotten a photo without such flash glare.
About an hour after getting up in the morning, we got to watch Melanie the Monarch emerge.
You can see a video from 2008 that we filmed of a hatching.....keep on your voloume because the kids voices are so little and cute!

After a few hours of letting Melanies wings dry, we headed outdoors to let her go free.

You can tell Melanie is a girl because she has no hind wing spot.

I showed the difference between the two genders in this past post.

I didn't even have a moment to take a picture before Melanie headed to the tops of the trees!

”I Science Sunday

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daddy's taking us to the zoo today, zoo today, zoo today....

As soon as we walked into the zoo, they announced that the elephant demonstration was about to begin, so to the elephants we went.
Becky, Kimmy and Daddy petting the elephant.
Luke was there too, but you can't see him. I am very disappointed not to have a picture of him touching the elephant because it took all of his bravery to reach up to the fence and put his hand through.

I think this lioness had her eyes on Daddy!

This monkey had a new little baby two days can just see the head of the baby in this very poor photo. (It was dark and behind glass)

Can you believe that this is the first time this little homeschooled girl drank out of a milk carton.

You always have to milk the wooden cow at the zoo.

Luke and the penguins

Luke and Kim

Kimmy was happy to be taller than an Emperor Penguin

Look carefully---I am in this picture!

My little penguin

I can't resist penguin photos.

Another zoo tradition. As you can see, we were lacking many children. They were on a trip with the church.

Kimmy "planking" on a tiger.

A "behind the scenes" look at Kimmy planking.

a spectacled bear showing off

It was a wonderful day...thanks Daddy!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


August 5th
August 16th

August 21st

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

We made a beautiful crown to help us celebrate the Queenship of Our Blessed Mother.
And thanks to Charlotte, we were able to color these beautiful pictures.