Monday, January 12, 2009

Tot School

My students:

We have had fun at Tot School this week, but it seems like a lot of what we did I have all ready posted about, so, I will also link to the previous posts about the activities this week.
We have started trying to learn our letters this week. Kim has been enjoying this activity wipe off book that I found clearanced at Michaels for $2.00. You can beat that deal.
We are concentrating on letter A this week, so I will have more to show on next weeks Tot School post.
We have been loving our learning wheels. Both Kim and Luke have done them several times a day. I made one for colors and one for shape.
I am planning on making one with just the letters we are working on (not the whole alphabet-I think that might overwhelm the tots.) I will put the letters in their names on it and a few more that we are learning.
We have also discovered Wiki Stix this week. We have used them freely, and we have also used them to outline shapes and letters. These have been a real hit around here with all of the kids.(I need to order a larger quantity!)
Kimberly has expecially enjoyed sticking them onto the walls.
I made a special winter Tools for Tots this past week, a build a snowman activity.
Kimberly seems to prefer this activity. She loves it when her snowman matches the control card. Luke enjoys making his own snowman. That's an independent 3 1/2 year old for you!
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Carisa said...

That's a great idea to tone down the ABC learning wheel, I hadn't thought of that!!! I will post a template of a blank one so other moms can write in different letters on it if they want!

;) Carisa