Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Money Lapbook

This post highlights the money lapbook Grace and I made over the last 2 weeks. This post is also to show GRANDMA that we do real schoolwork around here and not just play with goo, bubbles, and fingerpaint.
A lot of the ideas for this lapbook came from Carisa, at 1+1+1=1. Carisa has also graciously provided printables for many of the elements seen here.
Above, Grace is simply sorting coins. The strip at the left helps her to remember the names and values of each coin. This was the first thing we did as we began to learn about money.
Inside: a very cute money poem-which has been memorized, a little book about coin value, and pet store money cards-used to practice counting coins.
The link to the Pet Store money cards is here.
Gracie can learn to spell using this element of the lapbook.
Hard at work.
This Piggy Bank Coins book can from
Enchanted Learning.

This book I put on the back of the lapbook. It is also from Enchanted learning.
inside the book
Gracie has a hard time remember the value of quarters, so I made up this little chart to help her.
This little fan booklet shows ways that we can save money written on it.
Here Mark and Grace are racing to put the correct amount of money on the pet store cards.
So, Grandma, if you have read this far, real learning does go on in "the little house".


Cay G. said...

YOu have no idea how timely this is for my Annie. And the motivation you've given me is priceless. Thank you!

Rhonda said...

Lindsay is learning all about money too and having lots of fun going "pretend shopping." You are doing a great job Grace. That is a really great lapbook! Nice work getting all of the materials together Joann.

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

Great job Gracie!!! Now I can see that real learning does go on in the "little house". XX
It's also fun to play......

Laura O said...

What a fun way to learn money! I'll have to tuck this idea away for my youngest to do later this spring. My guys love lapbooks ~ especially pulling them out again to re-read or re-inforce what they've learned.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I have some little 'grands' that can take advantage of this wonderful lapbook! Thanks for sharing!!!