Saturday, January 24, 2009

Operation Playtime-Day 5-Paint

Today's Operation Playtime activity is paint. I thought that we would give fingerpainting a try. I don't believe my 4 littlest kids have ever fingerpainted. They didn't know what they were missing.
I found a recipe for homemade fingerpaint at the Creative Kids at Home website. I used the original fingerpaint recipe and I was very pleased with it. It also surprised me because it was so easy to clean up, it just dissolved in warm water-it is cornstarch based. I made the three primary colors with the intention of having the kids mix colors-it didn't really work out, but they did have a real lot of fun.
We used the shiny side of freezer paper to paint on, taping it down to the table.
I told the kids to use their pointer fingers and mix new colors. We made orange, green and purple, sort of....
Kimberly was very careful to use her finger
She made purple! She also wanted a washcloth near her because she kept getting so "yucky on my finger".
Great job.
Luke just couldn't stand the one finger rule and started making the color dark gray.
Mark didn't seem to comply to the one finger rule either.
Luke's picture started taking on a splatter effect. I wonder why?
Kimberly did get over the one finger thing-and the yuck factor with the help of Becky.
Yep! She is over her cleanliness issues.
who didn't want to fingerpaint, but realized it was fun.
The only actual art is shown here, and that was done by a 20 year old! Everyone enjoyed today's Operation Playtime. Make sure you go and check out all the fun.


ibeeeg said...

Art is in the eye of the beholder. I bet your kids creations screamed fun!

Thanks for the link for homemade fingerpaint. We will have to try it.

Rhonda said...

Now that looks like FUN!!!!

Melitsa said...

So good to see everyone getting down and painty! Especially Kimberly enjoying paint on her fingers. My BG still's not keen on anything like this. He sets himself up with wipes, washcloth and towel. His brother on the other hand loves it. Like you having a sibling who does it helps. Thanks for joining in.