Thursday, January 22, 2009

Operation Playtime-Day 3-Cooking

Today's unplugged playtime activity, sponsored by Operation Playtime, is cooking with kids.
Cooking with kids is something that I have been doing for over 20 years--the kids were always there, and I was always cooking, so we cooked. There is always someone willing to stir, dump, crack or lick. Sometimes I think they just want to help because they get to lick the bowl when we are done. Whatever their motives, my older children, by the time they are 13, can cook a simple meal for our family of 12, and the younger children are well on their way to this mighty accomplishment.
Today it was just me and the four youngest kids at home. A perfect day to mix something up, and I still had sugar cookie mix from Christmas waiting to be transformed into yumminess.
Luke and Kim were very excited to be helping. I have to admit, I do sometimes bake very quietly, as to not let these two youngest discover what I am doing, but today, I called on them to be my special helpers.
I am not sure what Luke thought of the raw egg.
Stirring and stirring
We got out the letter cookie cutters and cut out our letters of the week: A, B, and C.
All cut out and ready for sugar--Mark, being a boy, and being 9, wanted to help but showed up to the table with a re-enforcement.
Also, being 9 and being a boy, Mark also swipped sugar to lick out of his hand. I didn't notice this until he pointed it out in this photo.
As Kimberly found out, it takes way to long for the cookies to cool down.
Good to the last crumb!
And since there are only 4 kids here today, there are some cookies left for later!!!
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Amber said...

Your cookies turned out great! Cooking with 4 is extremely impressive! I love the idea of topping sugar cookies with sugar crystals. Then there's no frosting afterward. What an ingenious idea! We may brave sugar cookies, yet!

Melitsa said...

I'm impressed those sugar cookies looked great! Did you have to leave them in the fridge for a while before cooking. That's always my problem always in a hurry. We made oat & coconut cookies not many left tonight though.
I only cook with 2 boys with a back up singer ( 5mtn) for company. I'll have to get tips from you to coordinate 3 as they get older.