Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reading Theme Challenge-5 Little Ducks

Teachingtinytot's blog is hosting a weekly Reading Theme Challenge, and since it falls into our preschool activities so well, I decided that we would join in the fun.
This weeks activites revolve around the book-Five Little Ducks. We have this "big book" copy, and it is a book that we enjoy often.

I have discovered some great websites featuring many activities to do with children's books while I was navigating the web in search of "5 Little Ducks" printables.
I found these printable visual aid posters to accompany our singing of the 5 Little Ducks. Kim and Luke both love holding up the correct card as we come to it in the story (song).
I found these at a wonderful site-Sparklebox- from the UK. This is definitely a site that I will return to again and again to find things for the littlest among us to do for "school".
Luke made this little duckling this morning. It can even stand up. This is from a long time favorite site of mine-First School. I use this site weekly.
The sister site of First-School is the DLTK-crafts site. From this site I printed and laminated these ducklings and mother duck. Gracie made a "pond" for the ducks and as we read the book the littles removed ducks until the big finale when all the ducklings return to their momma.

Make sure to visit Teachingtinytot's and see other reading challenge fun.


Anonymous said...

great activities! we love big books here!

Rhonda said...

I love Luke's little duckling. So cute! DLTK's is one of my favs for printables.

Professional Mommy said...

I had never heard of the UK site before. Thanks for sharing! Today/Tomorrow we are doing the 5 little ducks activities and appreciate your input to give some ideas for activities.

Michelle said...

So cute!

Thanks for the great links!