Sunday, July 31, 2011

Macro Monday

On the occasion of my Dad's 83rd birthday

A glorious, fun filled photo essay!!

Dad and Theresa's puppies

bubble fun

Margie Sue

best buddy cousins

pure joy

some of the crowd

just a swingin'

a little help from a friend

beautiful granddaughters visiting from Florida

Sean and Nathan

a little basketball

We were happy to have Grandma George visit

Pammy and Heidi

cousins can be the best of friends

Rick and Sue loading Russel's potato gun

some of the crowd...I see you, Jenny

some more of the crowd

"Jump, Josie, jump!"

Amy made a new little best friend

the cigar smoking section of the party

a bunch of beauties

naughty kids

Just imagine, 15 of the grandkids and great grandkids are missing

Sue, Russel and Rick

skyping with Florida

present time

Aunt Pam is the little girls' favorite....can you guess why?

What a great day!