Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Snowy Saturday-Operation Playtime-Get Outside

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a montage of images from our afternoon-a real, real lot of images.
If you are from a warm climate you are sure to enjoy the pleasure on the children's faces.
If you are from the cold, white north, you can look at these pictures and commiserate with me. I have given up hope that the snow will ever go away, or that the temperature will ever go above 20 degrees. So today, with the temperature at 19 degrees, I said, "Go outside and look like you are having fun. I will come and take your pictures."
So, here you go, way too many SNOW pictures.



KC said...

Wow!!! That snow looks so beautiful. I know, it's easy to say from Central Texas. I DID live in northern Missouri for a couple of miserable years so I do know what it's like to have day upon day of cold.

Now, I have older kids so maybe the snow wouldn't be so bad. My kids have been begging for snow for years. I need to come visit you! ;)

heavenly bliss said...

From Wow!! to YUCK!! We love the snow here too but the cold is just awful. I'm glad you got out and played. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 30's not 9 like it is now so we have plans to sled down our hill tomorrow.
Love to you all!
xoxo Jenny

Rhonda said...

Being from the south we hardly ever get to see that much snow! I know for you it must get old after a while, but we would love to have some of it if you want to send it our way. I really enjoyed all of the photos. I love seeing smiling faces!

Melitsa said...

Now that is a lot of snow. I got so sick of the stuff last and this year it's not been bad. Actually great compared to yours. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing. I sure hope it warms up for you all.

JoAnn said...

The picture of your daughter crying..that sums up how I feel about the snow. Thanks for sharing!