Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Operations Playtime-Day 9-Cornstarch and Water: Who Knew?

Today's official Operation Playtime theme was "Playdoh, gloop, and yuk!" We play with homemade playdoh around here a lot, so today I thought we would try something different. It was also a snowday for the older kids today, so I knew that I have re-enforcements to help clean up a mess!

We have never "played" with cornstarch and water before, but we have seen it highlighted on Mythbusters, so we were looking forward to experimenting with it.
I had no idea! The kids (big and little) played with this for over 2 hours. There is no way to explain the consistency of this mixture. You HAVE to do this with you kids! It is both a liquid and a solid. If you use force on it, such as squeezing it or smacking it, it is hard, but relax, and it immediately turns to a running liquid. TOO COOL!
Everyone got into the act as we began to mix the cornstarch and water together.
I also thought it would be messy, and it looks messy in the pictures, but it easily washed off with nothing but warm water.
Th "old" kids have a big plan for using pounds of cornstarch, water and a kiddie swimming pool this summer.
You can't beat this fun--or face!!
This constanstly moving 3 year old sat at the table for 2 hours doing stuff like this.
Now I just need to find where to buy large quantities of cornstarch for the lowest price.
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Rhonda said...

Just plain out fun!

Fontaine said...

I don't think I've commented here before, but I've been following for a while. I just wanted to say that I love this mixture. I'm a preschool teacher (or was, before I had my son) and we used to do it all the time. A word of caution though, don't rinse it down the drains when you are finished with it, it can collect there and will stink up everything! Throw it in the trash instead. We called it "oobleck", by the way. Have fun!

heavenly bliss said...

Are you kidding me. Our minds think alike I guess. Check out what we did today!!
xoxo Jenny

Melitsa said...

2 hours of fun! That is awesome. You take great pictures.

Lisa said...

We've done this and it is just too much fun. And just kinda weird. What could a kid like better than something both messy and weird? Love the photos!

ibeeeg said...

Yep...this stuff is great fun!

Love the pictures of your kiddos. They looked like they were such a great time.

Michelle said...

When I was teaching states of matter I did this activity with my 4th graders. It was SO much fun. I tried it when Emily was about 1 1/2 but she was not so into it. I am looking forward to trying it again now that she is not as afraid to get messy. Making this in a kiddie pool outside sounds like it would be a blast!!

Anonymous said...

This is my science fair prodject! its orignal and fun!

Kelsey said...

Good stuff! We just got some new cornstarch and are holed up inside again today, I know what we are doing!! Thanks for sharing! :-)