Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wampum Designs For Kids

We have been learning about Native Americans this year and these past two weeks we have been learning about our local Native American Nation...the Iroquois Nation.
I wanted to add some artwork into our studies so I decided to have the kids make wampum "belts".
Wampum were made from seashells.   They were typically made from the quahog (purple beads)  and the whelk (cream/white beads) shells. Wampum were used between tribes to send messages or to tell stories. (We mistakenly thought it was used for money...it was not)
First I printed out graph paper for the kids to make some practice designs. 
I used graph paper with 3 lines per inch.

After picking their favorite design, I had them string pony beads onto white chenille stems. We used the traditional colors, white, purple and black.
The grid we used was 12 squares by 6 squares.  This was a good size for the finished product.
I then cut an 8 inch square piece of matte board.  I cut 6 slits in the edges of the board to bend the  6 chenille stems into place. This secured them nicely.
Kimberly's final product.
Luke's final product.
I found this great idea at Create Art With Me!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shaker Slime!

 Steve Spangler Science never lets us down.
Today was a perfect day to make shaker slime.
 Measuring carefully.
The cups came with ounce markings on the outside. It was very easy to measure out two ounces of clear slime goo.
 Then we added a color fizzing tablet to make our slime pretty.
 There was plenty of supplies in this one kit to invite the neighbors over to enjoy the fun.
After mixing in the cross-linker solution, shake, shake, shake!
The instruction sheet gives an explanation of the experiment and teaches about polymers.
 Gracie's slime.
 Luke is smiling here.

But, this is what Luke really thought about holding the slime.  He has never liked to get too gooey.
Science is fun!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fun on the Lake

 We were so happy to see our beautiful daughter in law today.  She is visiting from Georgia while Matt was in California.  I was also happy to be able to finally give her her birthday afghan.  Hopefully she can squeeze it into her suitcase on her flight back home.
Now on to a very, very heavy photo post of the kids enjoying themselves at Oneida Lake this afternoon.

It was a great way to bring an end to summer.....in fact, tonight the temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's around here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My, What Big Eyes You Have!!!

Homemade Solar Oven--take two

 Six years ago, we made our first solar oven (from scratch). 
The little kids don't remember this, so, thanks to Green Kid Crafts today was their turn.
 This project was part of the August box:  Green Energy.
As always, everything was included in the box (except the makings for the s'mores.
 Kimberly putting the final touches on the solar oven.
 First we preheated the oven out in the bright sunshine.
After about 15 minutes we put the graham crackers and marshmallows into the cooker.
You wouldn't want to add the chocolate at this point or it would turn to liquid.
The inside of the over gets HOT!
 After the marshmallows were in the oven about 20 minutes, we added the chocolate.
 We only left the chocolate inside the oven for about 5 minutes.
 After the five minutes, the chocolate was very melted...and very hot.
 Now that's a good s'more!
Thanks Green Kid Crafts for another great project.

Friday, August 22, 2014

August Kiwi Crate-2014--Amusement Park

 We received our August Kiwi Crate + sibling pack yesterday.  The sibling box contains enough material for two children to complete the projects.
This month's theme is fittingly, Amusement Park.  Especially since our state fair started yesterday.
 The next item in the crate was a card describing the contents of the next 3 boxes.  They really look like a lot of fun.
 Because we subscribe with a sibling pack, we get two copies of the "explore!" magazine.  This is full of stories and games and little projects that correspond with this months them.  There are directions for a bean bag toss game, and the cut out activity which encourages your child to create their own roller coaster.
As always, very indepth, child friendly instructions are included for all the projects. 
 Kim and Luke decided they wanted to make the "my silly squirters" right away.
Directions with words and pictures are all the kids need to make the projects on their own.

As always, every single material needed for the project is included in the book.
 Nice looking clown, Luke,
 Getting busy
 There was even a  gold tee and ping pong ball included to complete the silly squirters.
I love this idea and the kids had a ball with them.
 squirt guns are included.   They were small but very strong and accurate.

 sibling competition.
 The clowns are made of foam, so they are completely waterproof which will definitely prolong their use.
Also included in this months crate is a set of two bumper cars each.  These look like fun and will be made tomorrow. Again, everything, down to the smallest detail are included.
As an add on, I ordered face paint.  We are looking forward to this fun.  It will be just like we are at an amusement park!