Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Naked Egg Experiment

 This is an oldie but a goodie.  But, with so many kids, and so many science experiments, I didn't realize that these two hadn't done the "naked egg" experiment. 
All you need is a jar, a raw egg and white vinegar.
Put the egg in the jar and cover with white vinegar.
 Bubbles immediately begin to form on the egg....the white vinegar has begun to dissolve the eggshell.
 After about an hour, the egg began to float.
 The next day, and the next day....change out the vinegar with fresh white vinegar.
After only one day, the shell is mostly dissolved and the egg is squishy.
 After 7 days this is what our egg on the left looks like compared to a x-large egg on the right. (we started with a medium egg)  This is also a lesson about osmosis.  
"naked eggs", raw eggs and a plastic Easter Egg
If you look carefully in the sunshine, you can see the yolk sloshing around inside the egg.  The outer membrane is quite rubbery at this point, 
 but not so rubbery that is can't break with you drop it on the counter...poor Luke!
Kim's egg made is outside and
it can bounce...a few times.
 Luke dissecting his egg goo.
Kim's splatter....the yolk was almost like playdough.

The Doldrums......

I am bound and determined to get over the doldrums...
(Doldrums...defined as...a state or period of sadness or depression)
I see I haven't posted since Mark's birthday in January.  So I have decided that I will post one happy photo a day, everyday, 
To start off I give you a photo of my beautiful daughter and her brand new husband.
Photo #1
 And as a bonus photo....Kimberly and Luke