Saturday, March 31, 2007

Backyard Exploring

Spring seems to be sticking around this time..... the kids have been spending most of their time outside the past few days. The temperature has been in the 50's and the sun has been shining. Nothing has turned green yet, but we are expecting to see that any day now.

Today I gave Mark and Grace each a magnifing glass and told them to go exploring. Mark was happy to find 'crytals' in a rock and Grace spent her time looking for bugs on trees. She hasn't had any success yet, but I encouraged her to keep looking.

Grace's Easter Dress

I finished sewing Grace's Easter dress. It came out lovely. Thank-you to Carol who gave me the pattern and the fabric.

Friday, March 30, 2007

What's For Dinner

People often wonder about the amount of food a family of 10 can eat. I have seen t.v. shows about big families and I feel that they exaggerate what the family consumes. I may also think this because I have become accustomed to cooking for so many. {of course my daughter Becky knows who is really doing the cooking--thank-you Becky}

Tonight for dinner, being a meatless Friday, we had macaroni and cheese, a very popular dish around here. I made it with :
1. 3lbs macaroni
2. 3lbs extra sharp cheddar cheese
3. 6 c. milk

We also had:
1. 2 large cans of corn
2. 2 large cans of peaches
3. 1 1/2 loaf of bread (usually one loaf but tonight we had real butter)
4. large bag of salad mix
5. one gallon grape juice

We had no dessert tonight so I told the kids that the last thing they ate was dessert so some of them ate something that was still left on the table.(they like dessert-no matter what it may be)

Keep in mind we do have five teenagers, but we also have two babies that don't eat too much --yet.

It was a very good meal.....and it was gone.

Meet Our Family

Our whole family after the Baptism of Kimberly Irene.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daddy took us to the zoo

We made our first trip to the zoo today. It was Kimberly's first time there. We all had a wonderful time. The sun was shining and the temperature was about 50 degrees.


Here is our newest family member.
Rebecca got this cute Border Collie this past Saturday. He is about two months old and keeping us busy (or busier than usual). He seems to be adjusting to our family quite easily.
The kids love him already, and he is very happy with all the attention he is getting.
Now we just need anyone's advice on housebreaking.


Today we will start a new adventure into the world of blogging.

Hopefully we will be able to share our very busy life with our extended family and friends.

So feel free to come and join us on our day to day adventures with Ten Kids and a Dog.