Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wikki stix-a product review

I am not sure where I heard about this crafting medium, but we recently got some and we are really loving it. You may wonder what the heck they are? The web site gives exact details of this, but I would say they are yarn, coated in a waxy substance. They stick to anything, and each other, making them perfect for crafts and learning. The littlest kids have used them to copy shapes drawn on a piece of paper. Mark has used them to make trails on our world map and Grace has been making 3D sculptures.
These have been great for slowing the very busy kids around here down. I have found that you can use them over and over again. They come off anything they are stuck too, even the walls, (Kimberly's favorite canvas). They did leave a waxy residue on the tv (don't ask why they were on the tv) but it came off with a dry papertowel immediately.
Finger pressure is all you need to make them stick. Gracie's favorite thing about them is that you can take your creations apart and use the wikki stix over again and again. Mark actually likes the patterns that are left on the tv when you remove them. (He also learned how to remove these wax residue patterns.)
Luke is an expert at making campfires with them. He likes to mound them all together and pretend to light the fire. I guess they remind him of kindling and fire wood.
This product definitely gets a "thumbs up" from the Ten Kids and a Dog gang!

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