Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Breakfast Science....Iron in our Cereal

 Today was learned all about the vitamins and minerals in our food.  Especially the iron in our breakfast cereal.   
 We used Total cereal, which has 80% of the daily allowance of iron per serving..which is one cup. 
We put one cup of cereal in a good ziploc bag and add a cup or two of water.  Squish and mush and and turn the cereal to a soup. 
 When the cereal is dissolved run a strong magnet along the cereal...slowly, back and forth.  
Ta Da!!!  Real iron...right there in our cereal.  We next tried Chex cereal which has 40% of the daily allowance of iron...we only found a teeny tiny bit of iron in the cereal soup. 
Science rules!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter fun???

 We got our first snow today...but a few days ago it was still in the 40's and 50's.   Perfect weather for playing outdoors with new Christmas gifts. 
Disclaimer:  Kimberly's bike is very old

The first snowfall and ice storm of the 2015-16 Winter Season

 The latest snow in the history of Central New York.

Smile, Mark!!!

I took 2 1/2 years but we made it!!
 What a transformation!!!
 Momma made him a big bowl of popcorn...the first he had in years....I added a lot of butter.  I hope he doesn't get sick!
 What a handsome young man!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve...2015

The traditional Collins' family gift exchange.  Every Thanksgiving the kids draw names and surprise each other with Secret Santa gifts.  This year we had 13 kids drawing names and sharing gifts...some kids were a thousand miles away though....(We love you, Matt and Alexis.)
 The first gift of Christmas Eve started with the youngest...
 Grace is sneaking a peek at Kimmy's new book. 
 Merry Christmas, Becky....we missed Becky's Matt...he had to work delivering everyone's packages.  (people, order your gifts earlier so UPS men don't have to work late into the evening on Christmas Eve)
 Luke was up next....
 Mark got him the perfect gift.
 The first time ever in my life....70 degrees on Christmas Eve in Central New York....shorts, t-shirts and a new scooter!  Go, Luke!
 Someone has their eye's on Grace...
 Matt K was here in spirit....
 The perfect gift for Gracie.
 Dan and Mark...
 Laura's gift came all the way from Georgia.
 Luke was Amy's secret santa.
 What is it, Dan?
 Dan was very happy with his blanket homemade by Laura!...Great job, Laura!
 Another gift from Georgia.
 Can you guess who Pat's secret Santa is? 
 Kim was so happy to be Lianna's Santa.
 Luke was then surprised by a gift from Kimberly...She bought it herself with "reading points" from the library...she then spent the points on gifts.  
This was a wonderful opportunity for Luke and Kim to do some shopping on their own. 
 Way to go, Luke. 
 Stay cozy, Becky...
 The Christmas Eve full moon. 
Kimberly's new Christmas nightgown
Merry Christmas, everyone, from the Collins' clan...