Thursday, October 27, 2016

"I want my Mummy!"

 Mark was home "sick" today. He accomplished a lot for a guy with bronchitis.  
 I love out mummy bathroom door.
 It was Kimberly's idea. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Autumn Luminaries

 It's art time in the little house.
  Today we made autumn luminaries.
  I made these way back when, with a different bunch of was the first time Kim and Luke made luminaries.
 This is a very low cost project with a big payoff.  You just need modge podge  (or watered down white glue...much cheaper than modge podge).  A glass "candle holder". Today we used real glasses that were $.99 each. Tissue paper.  Everyone has tissue paper in the craft closet, and  beautiful leaves from a Central NY autumn. 
 We glued the leaves onto the glass first.  Put a layer of glue onto the glass before placing the leaf on the glass. Once the leaves are set.. begin adding tissue paper. 
 Cover the whole glass with tissue paper. We used three autumn colors, but in the past we have used one color and that also turned out pretty.
 I had to add this photo because I want to remember what Luke thinks of touching the glue!
 We added beaded stickers to the glasses after all the glue had dried.  I found with at Walmart for $2.87,  The stickers were the most expensive part of this project. 
Add a votive candle to the glass...
I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall.
Tomorrow we have a weather forecast predicting 2 inches of snow.....winter is on the way!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn in our little world

 I can't believe we are almost done with the third week of October.  The leaves are falling and the breeze is getting cool. It's too bad that schoolwork isn't getting done like it should, but with the beautiful weather we've had a few unexpected distractions, it couldn't be helped.
 Kimberly caught a picture of our resident hot air balloon between the trees. 
 red, orange and yellow..all in one tree
 Mark the goalie is in fine form.
 The sewn tie business is going well...Luke, modeling Mark's tie. 
 The underside is handsewn on my ties.
 Some of Laura's crocheted dinosaurs.... shoot me an email if you would like to order one..or more.
 We joined the whole of America to say the rosary for peace in this world. Gracie led a decade of the complete rosary... The sun was shining down on us!
 Carson is 2 months now and is over 11 pounds...that's a great achievement when you start out a little over 6 pounds. He loves to have Daddy read to his baby.
 double duty... paci sucking and thumb sucking...
 I love everyone who reads this blog!
 Practicing for trick or treating..
 Cousin It
 Dan turned 24 this week...
Dan received a Dr. Who scarf as a gift...well, acutally, it was a small portion of a scarf, with knitting needles attached and a photo  of the finished product. 
There is sure to be many more leaves to fall before "fall" is over. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

There's a lot of choices here...A homemade man's tie

 I did some fun sewing toady...It was the first tie I sewed for Mark. (He has to wear a tie to school every day.)
 It turned out great.  The proportions and length turned out perfectly. 
I can see the future, and in the future I see a tie for every season and occasion!
I used Simplicity pattern #4726
 Luke showing off the tie I made today. (for Mark)
 Making these ties is addictive
The underside of the shows the handsewing.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Homemade Rosary Holders

 We found a great activity for a chilly afternoon over at Catholic Icing.
The result were beautiful for a VERY low cost. 
 We made decoupage Rosary holders. 
I bought wooden plaques at Walmart for about .50 each. 
I had tissue paper in the crafting stash.
The most expensive item was the modge podge... I could have used watered down white glue, but I want to make autumn luminaries so I will be using the modge podge for that.   
 The first step was to cute tissue paper into small shapes and painting the modge podge over the wood and the tissue. 
 We then picked images from the web.  I printed these out, but you could use old religious greeting cards are images from Catholic "junk" mail. 
 Then we  glued the image onto our plaques and covered the pictures with modge podge.  
 The results were just beautiful.  
I forgot that I also bought little screw in hooks to attached to the bottom of the plaque.
These were $1.98 at Walmart for a package of 10.
 A beautiful place to hold the kids most precious Rosaries.  
Make sure to check out Catholic Icing for many more family activities.  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Carson Matthew.....My little sweetheart

Carson, and his wonderful Momma, is heading home soon...we will miss them sooooo much.
So I will try and catch a few more memories here.  
He will change a lot before we see him at Christmas.
 Meeting Uncle Mark
 Those eye are getting more and more blue!
 one happy Grandma

 Aunt Grace meets Carson and 
 Uncle Pat....
 Grandpa says to stop taking pictures.
 What a blessing for Carson to meet Great Grandpa Hesler.
 The "Greats"!
 A happy baby with Great Grandma Hesler
 Talking to Aunt Kimberly
 Nice to meet you, Aunt Becky
 my Clara the Cow hat model
 Poor Uncle Matt wasn't so sure what to do with a baby
 We love you Carson and Alexis!!!!
Until we see you again.... WE LOVE YOU....and bring Daddy next time!!