Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Operation Playtime-Day 2-Nursery Rhymes

Today, Operation Playtime's theme is nursery rhymes. The kids put on a wonderful performance this morning of Little Miss Muffet. I posted this one, I am sparing you the next 20 performances they put on.

Nursery rhymes are something that we enjoy regularly during Tot School. They kids love to act out the rhymes and put on performances for the rest of the family. I also incorporate activies into our tot school using nursery rhyme themes.

You can look back at some of our nursery rhyme activities here. They may be within another post, but take a look and see the fun that we have had with our favorite nursery rhymes.

Make sure you go and check out everyone's fun over at Operation Playtime today.


Melitsa said...

Loved the performance It's amazing how well they can do this.
Thanks for taking part. Tot school sounds like fun!

Rhonda said...

LOL! Too cute!