Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tot School-Starting up Slowly..

Luke was born 5/6/05
Kimberly was born 5/3/06
Tot-school will start back in earnest tomorrow, but there was plently of learning (and fun) going on around here this past week. It started with a lot of celebrating as we rang in the New Year. Kimberly and Luke rang it in with some of their sisters and one of their brothers. (They others had hit the town.) We did our noise making at 10:00, and then tucked the littles into bed.
Before the big (10:00 pm) celebration, we made sugar cookies in the numbers 2009. Kim and Luke had a great time frosting and decorating these.
As soon as Kim finished sprinkling her cookies-she gobbled them all up.
Luke and Kim, along with big sister Gracie, put on a play for us. They played the parts of the three wise men and they brought baby Jesus special gifts of "gold", "frankincense",and "myrrh".
I took advantage of an after Christmas sale and bought this gingerbread house kit for $2.39. You can't beat that price, and you can't beat having a big sister help the littles with the construction of the house.
Plenty of bubble wrap around the house has provided excercise for little fingers.
I can see those tiny muscles growing stronger with every pop.
We read the book The Mitten recently and I have been looking for different activities involving mittens since then. I found this cute worksheet for Luke to do at this site. I cut the mittens out, but Luke loved using the glue stick and correctly matched all the mittens to make pairs. I was surprised how much he enjoyed this "worksheet" type work. He proudly ran and showed his daddy what he had accomplished. I will definitely be looking for more of this type activity for the kids.
Puzzles are always something that both Kim and Luke enjoy doing.
Lauri puzzles are my favorite puzzles for this age to work with. They seem to like the feel of the crepe pieces and my kids love to use their fists and "pound" the pieces into place.
Make sure you visit Carisa at 1+1+1=1 for more great Tot-school ideas and posts.


9ndhouse- Katie said...

Hi! Clicked over from the Lapaz blog and looks like your having a lot of fun! You could say we are "seven kids and a dog"! Love your New Years fun and all the pictures! Happy New Year!
:-) Katie

Rhonda said...

Oooooh bubble wrap! We love bubble wrap! LOL!