Friday, January 9, 2009

Tools for Tots--Build a Snowman activity

Winter is in full swing around here with snow everyday and about 18 inches on the ground, so what better activity to do with the tots than make creative snowman scenes.
I found this idea at the Family Fun website, and then turned it in to a re-usable Tot-School activity.
Family Fun provided the printables that I used for this Tool for Tots.
Snowman scene
facial expressions
I printed two copies of the scene out to use as play boards (one for Kim and one for Luke). I printed one copy of the facial expressions and clothing--these are the "playing pieces". I laminated everything for durability.
I then made control cards with the snowmen dressed in a certain way. I did this by taping the pieces onto the snowman scene and then printed them out at half size. You can see these above as Mark helped me laminate them.
Here are the pieces that I printed and laminated.
printed and laminated control cards
Kim and Luke will look at the control card and then copy this onto their own "snowman scene."
Kmiberly working on one of the cards.
I have since trimmed the corners off these cards---they points are very sharp---they are now curved.
I made four different control cards and cut out the certain pieces that make up the control. I also cut out a few other pieces so they can be used to make snowmen creatively.
Carisa, at 1+1+1=1 has other Tools to Tots at her great website. Make sure to visit her.


molly said...

very fun, we will have to try it out!

Carisa said...

That is so cool, both my boys would love that!!!!

;) Carisa

Rhonda said...

That is just so cute!!!

Adry Viola said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I'm so inspired I went crazy shopping for craft stuff today! :) Where can I get an affordable laminating machine?

Linds said...

Love this idea!! Thanks!