Friday, January 30, 2009

Landform Cards (Our Geography Work for the Winter)

Mark and I have begun our indepth study of geography. A good place to start is with vocabulary of landforms. I found wonderful printable three part cards for just this purpose at montessori materials. The landform pictures are here and the definitions are found here. I am not using them like true three part cards. I have left a control card with 9 pictures together so Mark can check his work. Another copy of this card is cut up to use for matching.
Mark matches the picture to the term it represents, he then sorts through the definitions and puts them in their proper place. After he finishes the nine cards he is working on, Mark uses the control card to check his work-I have also written the term the definition matches on the backs of these cards.
Mark just loves scrambling up the words and then putting them in their correct place. He enjoys this type of work much more than worksheets and textbooks.
This also helps Mark's reading skills, because he has to read the definitions to match them with the picture.
Great Work, Mark!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh wow! Very neat and thanks for the links!

Stephanie said...

Have you seen Winston Grammar? It was the only thing that worked with my late readers, and my early reader loved it too.

kait said...

Thanks for the links and for the 3 part cards :) post more if you have them please and thanks again as i am a new teacher this really helps out :)