Sunday, April 10, 2016

Beat the Doldrums...Day 10...For the Birds

A sign of spring? 
The temperature did get above freezing today...maybe it will be a trend.  
We headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for the annual corned beef and cabbage dinner...a bit late, but it took this long to get everyone healthy.
 A beautiful Easter Lily
 A downy woodpecker taking off...
 A tufted titmouse in flight and a goldfinch
 A hungry housefinch
 It's hard to catch a chickadee sitting still
 Goldfinches changing to their summer colors....

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beat the Doldrums....Day 9...Let's Go Fly a Kite

 It looks like a picture perfect kite flying day....and it was....for a short time....because what you can't tell by the photos is that the wind chill was 25 degrees at kite flying time. 
 Gracie "trick" kite was very tricky to fly.
 It didn't take long to become numb to the cold
 Luke was great at flying his airplane kite....notice the snowbanks....there was nothing melting today.
 This is my go to camera angle for kite flying.
 Mark was  very "cool" and only lasted for about 10 minutes outside.

 Three kites in the air.
 Luke used this technique a few times. 
 I was just about frozen when Dad got home from work and helped detangle some troubles.
 Dad giving advice.....You can notice I'm getting farther away in the photos...I was sneaking over the hill to get warm.

Luke makes me smile!!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Beat the Doldrums---Day 8---New growth and baseball??

 A tiny little sunflower wearing his seed coat hat..
 Baseball in Central New York...Our 12 inches of snow melted, ball!!!
 Yep, 35 degrees at 3:15
 Luke has some big plans for this year!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beat the Doldrums--Day 7---These faces

 These faces can beat the doldrums....and make me smile.
 And kudos to the photo bomber from about 50 years!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beat the Doldrums--Day 6--Birds, Sprouts and Reading Aloud

 We had a brand-new visiting the past few days....a Fox Sparrow.  It is just beautiful!!  It took 2 days to identify it since an unnamed child has lost our birdbook.  I expect we will only see this guy for just a few more days because his summer habitat is north of us and its winter habitat is south of us.  
I'm just really, really glad it stopped by this year! 
 Our beautiful pilliated woodpecker showed up today....WE LOVE OUR "WOODY THE WOODPECKER"
 Luke had a new pretty little tree sparrow visiting his homemade feeder today. 
Another happy sight today was the surprise of finding so many of our flower seeds sprouting.  We only planted them two days ago, so it was a sweet surprise to find our little plants. 
I also have joined the Read Aloud Revival site.  They are offering a limited $5 monthly fee to try it our and see how you like it.  We read everyday....A LOT!  And I love all the suggestions, fun ideas and books list to help you build your world around books.

Ball and Chain Lanyard Review

I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review
 I was sent this stainless steel laynard to try out and give an honest review. 
The length is perfect for holding my keys and assorted store loyalty cards.  The weight and strength have left me very pleased.
 It has a swivel clasp which prevents tangles.  In fact, the chain became tangled once, but it was very easily staightened. 
I had been using a thick cloth laynard for my keys and store cards.  The thickness made it very easy to find in my purse.  This Ball and Chain Laynard is thinner so it does fall down into my purse and is a little harder to retrieve, but all in all I would definitely recommend it as a stylish option to bulky choices.    

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our of the Doldrums..Day 5....

Beating the 5
 There is still about 8 inches of snow on the ground but it has begun to melt...but that also means the birds are still very hungry!  
I was very happy to see a splash of red from one of my favorite birds...the male house finch.
I also made my first ever 100% cotton loofah.  It's so soft and squishy.  I'm very happy with how it turned out....If you would like to order some...just send me an email!!

Out of the Doldrums....Day 4--Visiting Birds

 A sparrow peeking at a female downy woodpecker
An odd looking sparrow...along with two friends....nuthatches. 
 female cardinal
 Mark captured this cardinal...I sent him out to "catch" a male cardinal..I needed a splash of color.
 A downy woodpecker....if he would turn to show the red on the back of his could tell he is a male.
 After a month of March with the temperatures well above normal.  And after my husband draining the snowblower of gas and getting it ready to put away for summer. And after filling up the lawn mower and sharpening the blades....we received over a foot of snow between Sunday and Monday. 
 So the doldrums ran deep.  I had no idea want photo could lift my spirits.  It was Laura who said, "Get you camera and take some photos of the birds"  That suggestion was all it took...I did manage to get carried away to a happier place...our "birdie backyard!" 
 Luke took it upon himself to construct this bird feeder using a plastic cup, sharp pencil, yarn, duct tape and birdseed.  I tried to assure him the birds wouldn't find it...(we have many other feeder in the yard)  but suprise to me....this beautiful tufted titmouse enjoyed the feeder all afternoon. 
 A pretty little chipping sparrow
 Slate colored junco (snow bird)
 field sparrow
 A mourning dove...taking off
Wind chill was in the teens yesterday...this is a very cold, chipping quite sure though...he wasn't interested in showing his proper coloring.