Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 24 Hour Project

A few weeks ago my kids started talking about something called the 24 Hour Drama Project. I paid little attention. They love being in plays, musicals, acting classes, and anything else that pertains to the theater.
I did start to pay attention when I listened more carefully to them talk. They would have 2 rehearsals-for the whole play. They would get a script at the first rehearsal. The rehearsals would run from 12 noon to 12 midnight. At the end of the second night, at midnight-the show would go on--at 12:00 MIDNIGHT. They really, really wanted their father and I to attend--at MIDNIGHT--after 2 twelve hour rehearsals.
After taking naps, (their father and I) we headed out the door at 11:00pm. This is my sleeping time--it felt very strange to leave the house at this hour--but I was very surprised to see that there were others out and about. HOW STRANGE...I thought only kids home from college were out at this time of night.
At 24 seconds before midnight-we all counted down, and then the show began.
I have to admit I didn't understand all parts of the show--it was very deep, especially for the hour it was performed. I did figure out that Danny represented time-time who obviously likes to snack?
Becky was day-and the guy to her right was night. They fell in love.
Danny accompanied by "science".
Amy and Laura were humans--dancing humans.
The Collins' performers after the show-at 2:00 am.
We are all a little tired today!

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