Friday, September 11, 2009

We Made It: Friday Showcase....water noodle art

This week's fun isn't really a craft, but it was a fun way to explore art.
We took a "noodle" (meant for a swimming pool) and cut it into three inch pieces.
We got our noodles from the Dollar Store--I also plan to cut up some more for "blocks" for building with.
Luke is excited and ready to getting painting.
I simply put a little bit of tempra paint on glass plates. I always uses plates for painting like this, it gives the kids a lot of room to work with, and clean-up is really easy.
All the Dollar Store had were these flower shaped noodles, but I want to be on the lookout for noodles with different shapes.
I love Mark's rainbow!
A lot of concentration!!
Kimberly has been wearing this hat for a few days. The morning temperatures have been in the forties, but I don't really think she needs the winter gear--but I can't make her believe this.
Combining colors looked wonderful, as long as the kids took their time and didn't mix the colors.
This is Kim's work.
I couldn't resist another "hat" picture.

Mark even decorated the plates during clean up time.
The finished products....
I think I will save these to use as wrapping paper.
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Michelle said...

Great project!!!

Anne said...

Great idea! Noodles were on clearance at Target so maybe I'll go grab a few!

Infant Bibliophile said...

What a great idea using the noodles as stamps. I've starred this one in my reader to remember to try it sometime.

Susana said...

This is fun. Again, I LOVE seeing all of your finished projects laid out together--priceless!

Tara Rison said...

Congrats! You won the crayon tote from Toteworthy Designs. Please email me with your shipping address and I will get it in the mail to you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rhonda said...

Great idea and so colorful! I like the idea of using them for wrapping paper. And congrats on winning that prize!

Tina said...

Another awesome project! I'm not surprised. You always have such amazing ideas!

jennwa said...

That is such an easy and inexpensive idea. Love it!!!!