Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Night in Syracuse

Gracie in the highest seat in the dome!!
We have to thank our dear friend, Angie, for the tickets to the Syracuse University football game last night in the Carrier Dome.
It was a first for us, and boy was it fun!

I just had to snap this picture as we drove into Syracuse. This SU flag flies over one of the tallest buildings in the Syracuse skyline.

We were warned to arrive plenty early to make sure we found parking and our way around the dome. We did arrive about an hour before kick-off time. We even had time to pose with Abraham Lincoln.

These were the family members old enough and healthy enough to make the trip.
I also had to be real corny and get everyone an orange SU shirt.
I told Grandma to look for us in the stands, we would "be wearing orange", but for some reason she couldn't find us.
An hour before kick=off and way up high!
Here comes the team
This is what it looks like 45 minutes before game-time.

Gracie was absolutely amazed that the marching band could make an "s"
She really couldn't believe it when they made New York State.
She kept saying, "How did they ever figure that out?"

It was a very exciting game
Gracie was very careful to follow the directions on the scoreboard. I think she screamed and jumped up and down for about the entire 5 hours we were in the dome.
An awesome view

Our first game and it was a Syracuse win!!!
Thanks again Angie, for a night we will always remember.

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Kristi said...

Ahh! I'm from Maine (actually live about 20 minutes away from UMO (University of Maine-Orono) & while I'm happy you had to us losing! LOL just kidding! Great family outing!!