Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Do Country Kids Do For Excitement?

They head to the Great Swamp Conservancy and watch them release quail out into nature.
Over at the "swamp" they have raised 1500 quail from day old chicks. Quail are a native species to this central NY rural area, and people are trying to re-establish
the population for hunting.
They were very cute!
They were everywhere.
When I pictured a bird release, I pictured 1000 birds fluttering away, but these birds just wandered out of their enclosure, a few flew, but most of them just strutted around.
They let most of them go at about 1:00 and by the time we left, at 3:30, it was hard to spot any, they are very good at hiding in the underbrush.

Another thing that is fun for country children is playing in a cornbox, as opposed to a sandbox.

We met this barred owl. He is blind from a car accident and is a demonstration bird.
Country children don't need playground equipment. Tree stumps and mulch hills are perfect.
Kim and Luke actually cried when we had to leave the "playground."
Of course, Kimberly wouldn't let go of her free flyswatter which was given away to help "fight" west nile virus.
Then we took a hike.
The weather was perfect.
Actually, the temperature this morning was 38 degrees here at the house, but it got into the 60's by the afternoon without a cloud in the sky.
late purple aster
thistle down
purple loosestrife--a very invasive species of flower that is now everywhere in our neck of the woods
Our hikers....
To the left of this picture you can see an osprey nest.
cattail fluff---it is fall.....
I do not know the type of berries around here---I need to investigate and become an expert on this topic.
Turtlehead---which I have never encountered before, but identified from this great site.
If you live in the northeast, this site can help you identify all the wildflowers in your area---I haven't found a flower that wasn't on this great site.
butter and eggs
And especially for us, on the ride home, a great blue heron hanging out beside the road.


Rhonda said...

What a glorious day! I want my kids to be country kids! Oh how I miss living in the country. :0(

mommytoalot said...

Fantastic pics. My children love visiting places like that. We don't even live in the country but we are close enough to have the pleasure to visit all kinds of places. Heartland Forest is our new favourite place. We went there for a Hoe down today.

Steve said...

Looks like it was a wonderful fall day. With regards to your unidentified berry photo, Check out twin berries, or winterberry, Ilex verticillata.