Sunday, September 6, 2009

Makes My Monday--Sunday In a Backyard

Weekend family fun Makes My Monday.
We spent Sunday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's house and the big excitement when we arrived was the chipmunk in the "have a heart" squirrel trap.
Uncle Brian even got a good look.
We only watched him for a few minutes and then
Grandpa set him free.
I think Kimmy needs a smaller ball.
Danny caught us this "little" friend. In fact, this is the biggest toad we have found this summer.
This big fellow was let go in the flower garden.
Aunt Pam and Kimmy were good buddies!!
The kids worked on improving their badmitton skills.
Pat and Dan were pretty good players....
Could this be summer's last hurrah?---the temperatures have been in the 40's each morning this week.
Mark getting badmitton lessons from the big boys.
Grace and Mark have a lot of work ahead of them before they make many volleys over the net.
A boy and his slingshot are never far apart.
Grandpa has a perfect new table for his 3:33 drink!!
Grace, Uncle Brian and Kimmy.
It was great to see everyone!!
This definitely Makes My Monday---for more Makes My Monday posts check out this blog.


Laura said...

Terrific pictures.
Does he really have his drink at 3:33?
That's hysterical.
And, what is it?

cat said...

What great pictures! That toad is beautiful.

Cheryl Lage said...

What a fantastic series of pictures documenting what was clearly an AMAZING weekend thus far!

Your fun shared (and the fact ou played along) Makes My Monday!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend....and summer!

Rhonda said...

That 3:33 drink just cracked me up! I love how you can have so much fun, just being in a backyard. The wonders to behold. :0)