Friday, September 4, 2009

Dragon Knights Stilt Walkers at the Great New York State Fair

We were very impressed by the Dragon Knights Stilt Walkers we encountered at the New York State Fair yesterday.
They came wandering by and Mark and Grace weren't sure what to think about them.
They were pretty creepy looking, but also so unique that you had to watch the amazing puppetry they used to make the "dragons" come to life.
Gracie is getting a little closer!
What outstanding make-up on the Dragon Master. Grace was still brave here, but when she turned around one of the dragons nipped her on the neck. That was it for Grace, she moved waaaaaay back after that!
Mark pet the dragon's head, but when he turned away it followed him, nibbling him on the head!

They had a real neat performance as the Dragon Master directed the dragons moves.
Check back for move of our fun from the fair.(There is too much fun for just one post!)


TwoHeartsTogether said...

Wow those are so intriguing! Reminds me of Cirque Sole (I hope I spelled that right?!)

Cindy said...

Very nice pictures.