Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tot School

Kimberly is currently 40 months old
Another week, another week of Tot-School learning here in "the little house".
Everyone has been enjoying puzzles recently, included Kimberly who seems to like to concentrate on one puzzle for a week or so until she has master it completely.
Dora the Explorer was the favorite of this week.
Our Pre-K Weekly Reader was all about the 5 senses this week.
We colored these fun letter N's for nose.
After coloring these, we glued tissues to the letter N nose to help remind us to blow our noses!
(We all have had colds)
Of course, this also fits in with the 5 senses theme.
I found these sequencing apples at the link.
We also aquired a new little family member, Lady! This is an education in itself!
We talked a lot about our 5 senses: what they are and how we use them. We also read a few picture books on the subject (they are at the end of this post)
One way we practiced using our 5 senses was to investigate a little pile of popcorn---using our senses.
First we used our eyes to "see" the popcorn--it was white and yellow and bumpy.
We used our nose to "smell" the popcorn---"very yummy"
Our hands "touched" the popcorn. It was "soft and hard (?) pokey(?) and slippery. (It did have butter on it!)
Our tongues "tasted" the popcorn---again the response to taste was "yummy"!
Finally we used our ears to "hear" the crunch of the popcorn. I asked how it sounded and they said "crunchy and smooshy".
This was a fun way to get the kids to understand about the 5 senses.
Kimmy helped me make Sunny Peanut Butter Chews.
We also learned about Johnny Appleseed (more about this to come) and I made these cute yarn apples. Stay tuned for books and activities to be used with these apples.
We also had fun this week with our friends at the annual church picnic.
Our favorite books of the week.
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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

First, I love the new look of your blog - so pretty and "autumny". :) And I love that picture of the kids *seeing* the popcorn with their eyes - they are just being so patient - very sweet! You had another great week. Love the puppy too!!

Lisa said...

First off: I'm with Nicole -- I LOVE the new design! (I'm so tempted to get with it and get one of these kinds of designs!) And: The puppy is adorable! (Good luck with that; we know how breaking in a pup can be!) But, mostly: Joann, I have to tell you, you are my total inspiration for tot homeschool. Can you tell us how you plan and organize? You are so on top of it!

Rebecca said...

Love the popcorn experiement! Si simple yet so educational! Can i ask, how do you get the weekly readers? Because i love them but didnt think i could order them since i homeschool...

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I am looking forward to hearing about your Johnny Appleseed book! We had a book and CD of that growing up that I have not been able to find since :( (Johnny Appleseed sung as he travelled, you see)