Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Made it! - Yarn Jack-O-Lantern Windsock

This weeks Unplugged Project theme was: "J"
We choose to have our "J" stand for jack-0-lantern--just perfect for the autumn season.

First, I kept the little kids busy gluing together these cute jack-o-lanterns which I printed and cut out for them.
I wish I had the exact link for these, but I didn't save the link and when I tried to search for it, I came up with many, many different printables.
Don't worry, Kimmy's jack-o-lantern isn't scared, she says that it is a mustashe on the pumpkin's face!
I asked Luke to look like his jack-o-lantern and this is the face he showed me!
Our "big" jack-o-lantern project was a yarn, windsock type jack-o-lantern.
You need:
orange yarn
a syrofoam ball --ours was 6 inches--I wish is had been quite a bit smaller than this
black fun foam (or black felt)
Cut about 100 pieces of yarn 42 inches long.
If kids are doing this, there will be a knot problem!
Gather them up neatly and fold these in half, placing the syrofoam ball in this midway point of yarn.
Try to spread the yarn all around the "head"--this was tricky--use another piece of orange yarn to tie the yarn together tightly at the base of the ball---this is the "neck"
Make facial features out of black fun foam or black felt. Mark really wanted a scary jack-o-lantern, that is the reason for the downturned mouth--I wish he was smiling!
Use a big yarn needle to thread a piece of yarn through the top gathers of yarn. Tie together to make a big loop for hanging.
Hang up and enjoy!!
I plan on making a bunch of small jack-o-lantern windsocks to decorate outside the house this October.
Stop over at the Unplugged Project site to see everyone's great activities.
Next week's Unplugged Project is: WEATHER


Jessie Mae said...

Hi Joann, I just saw your most recent post, and Elsie just did the same cut and paste jack-o-lantern a couple days ago. I wanted to send you the link since you said you couldn't find it. It was (on the right hand column). I actually printed out the black and white version and Elsie colored it. I love your yarn jack-o-lantern. We might just have to try this!

Susana said...

LOVE this!!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

So many cute ideas floating around everywhere. Great showcase post. ;)

A Frugal Friend said...

Ohhhhh....this is great! Thanks for sharing!

Mom Unplugged said...

Great idea for "J" and appropriate for the season too. The yarn jack-o-lantern would be good here today as it is very windy. Thanks for joining in again!