Saturday, September 5, 2009

Got Milk? and butter and animals at the New York State Fair

Gracie got to see how she looks in a real milk mustache.
New York is a lot more than the Big Apple, it is a great big rural state with many, many farms. The New York State fair is full of animals.
They even had some "oreo" cows to go along with all the milk New York dairy farms produce.
The dairy princess Grace and her mooing cow Daddy.
The butter sculpture is a tradition at the fair. It took 2000 gallons of milk to make the 800 pounds of butter used to make this year sculpture.
It features a old fashioned milk truck.
Driven by a cow of course.
They call this an old fashioned milk truck, but in the neighboring town to us, Vernon, there is still a milkman who delivers milk door to door from the Vernon Dairy in good old glass bottles.

New York is also the home of the Adirondack Park. The park covers some 6.1 million acres (24,700 km²), a land area about the size of Vermont, or of the Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks combined.
There are a lot of exibits at the fair featuring the hunting, fishing and the sports of this great mountainous area.
We saw beautiful horses
real big momma pigs,
llamas with fancy haircuts,
sheep wearing coats to keep their wool clean,
real tired sheep,
pink chickens(?--does anyone know how they do this?)
we watched chicks hatch as we looked on....
It is always great to hold a little chicks,
sooo fluffy!
Make sure to hug a cow, any chance you get!!


Jessie Mae said...

Wow, it looks like we missed a LOT at the fair. There is just too much to see in one day! Oh, the pink chicken... The day we went there was a "talking" egg that said they used Koolaide to color the chickens. ;) Elsie just couldn't wrap her head around pink and blue chickens. Have a great weekend!

Rhonda said...

That just looks like so much fun! That truck made out of butter just made my mouth drop! That is so cool!