Friday, April 3, 2009

We Made It: Saturday Showcase--Jelly Bean Chick

I found the idea for this Jelly Bean Chick at I am going to make a bunch for our Easter Egg hunt next week. They we very simple to make, and my 7 year old was very good at helping.
The original pattern calls for foam hearts for the base of the chick, but I made the base that can be seen above. It is the orange foam, and this povides a very nice base for the jelly beans to sit on. I also used a hot glue gun. It was easier to put everything together with the glue gun, but because of this, I didn't make them with the 2 and 3 year old.
The first step is to fill a plastic sandwich baggie (not a ziplock) with 1/4 cup of jelly beans. Close this tightly with a twist tie, and then trim the twist tie. Also trim off the extra plastic baggie. I then hot glued this to the orange "foot" base.
Twist a chenille stem into the shape of a bow. You will need to make this the size desired and then trim away the extra chenille. Hot glue a contrasting pom pom onto the bow.
Hot glue the bow to to top of the baggie as shown.
Add a big yellow pom pom to the top.
Add small google eyes and a triangle foam beak to the chick head.
They chick's wings are a yellow foam heart, cut in half. Adhere these to each side of your chick.
I think that these will also be real cute on the Easter dessert table.
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jennwa said...

Oh my goodness, that is so stinkin' cute. I love that.

Thanks you for sharing such a great project, have a great weekend.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

That is super cute!

Thanks for posting!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

cute chick. thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

SO CUTE!!! I am going to make these for my nephews Easter baskets. Thanks for sharing!

~Bobbi~ said...

I have to make these for Easter! Adorable!!!!

Bernadete said...

Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

These are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing with us the materials and instructions.

Heather said...

Very, very cute! I think we will make these to give to my daughter's friends for Easter. Thanks!