Sunday, April 5, 2009


Luke is currently 47 months old (almost a Tot-school graduate)
Kimberly is currently 35 months old
We received a new tot-tool in the mail this week, How to Build an A, but I have yet to make a final descision as to if I like it or not. The idea behind this book is great. It comes with foam pieces that the child uses to make the letters of the alphabet. The problem is that the pieces don't go together to make exact letters. For example, the letter b cannot be made to fit completely together, the long straight edge is longer than the bumps. This upsets the kids because the don't think they have made the letter correctly. I may make my own foam pieces with a more prescise fit--if I do, I will let you know.
We made a wonderful wall display for Palm Sunday. Above, Luke is working on a donkey. I found this printable at DLTK-Kids.
The big kids helped with our display. After we made our donkeys and palm branches, we processed into Jerusalem just like Jesus did on Palm Sunday.
We enjoyed the book I Wish that I had Duck Feet. We then made "duck feet" to wear. Kim had a lot of fun waddling about.
Luke on the other hand was done with them in a matter of minutes.
Kim loved them.
I made a Easter math game for number recognition and counting practice.
I made a dice out of a block with the numbers 1-3 on it. I found very cute egg stickers that I put on a piece of card stock. I used 9 stickers per game board. I used jelly beans at markers--any little item could be used though. I saw this idea on a Montesorri site. I will link to it when I can find it-sorry.
Take turns rolling the dice, after you roll, cover the correct number of stickers with the beans. Take turns until the cards are full. Then the prize is eating your jelly beans!
They did very well taking turns and counting the jelly beans. Both kids do tend to get upset if they think the other has "beaten" them at a game, so we played until all the cards were full.
I hope Luke didn't put all the jelly beans into his mouth at the once.
The Melissa and Doug Baby Farm animal stamps were a big hit.
I tried to have them work on patterning, but they mainly enjoyed stamping with "free expression".
We enjoyed "poultry" books. (Left over from our farm unit.)
Luke colored cards about the life cycle of a chicken.
Kimberly worked on putting the cards in the correct order.
We had a great Tot-School week. This next week we are going to be concentrating on Holy Week and Easter.
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Christy Killoran said...

I agree with you regarding How to Build an A. My 4 year old is frustrated by the book because he is a perfectionist. My 3 year old, however, loves the book and does not care at all that the letters are not perfectly formed. She uses the book and manipulatives all the time, but I have wondered if it matters educationally that the letters aren't formed exactly the way they should be????
I love your homemade game and I have to make some of those duck feet!

Life is Good said...

Thanks for the review of How to build an A. It is very useful. Also their is a set Called Handwriting without tears that comes with wooden pieces and they fit together well! Cute activities!

AJ and Adam said...

I ordered How to Build an A after my son started to try building letters out of his Duplo Legos. I'm bummed it isn't working out for you. We're still waiting for ours to arrived.

RockerMom said...

I love the duck feet and appreciate the feedback on the How to Build an A manipulatives. I like the idea of making pieces from scratch to fit together.

SchoolinRHome said...

Great TOT school activities!!!
I love the dcuk feet- clever mom and cute kids!
Hope to get back to my Tot School posts soon!

Renee said...

Love those ducky feet! You've been busy with so many fun and absolutely creative projects together with your children, love seeing your posts each time. Happy birthday to your daughter, lovely girls all of them. :-) God Bless Joann!

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

Interesting point on How To Build an A. I had considered getting it, in fact it was up there on my list. I may rethink it now.
You are such an inspiration with all the amazing things you are doing. I really don't know how you manage to Blog and do it all! ;)