Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Hosanna to God in the Highest"

So begins the holiest week of the year.

We will be putting aside most of our regular schooling this coming week and spend our time preparing for Easter. I have special book reading planned, crafts and activities all related to the days of this Holy Week.
We have begun with a few Palm Sunday activities. I found all of these activities and coloring pages at DLTK Easter Section.
I cut out this donkey for Luke. He put it all together on his own! We read the stories of Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem out of our two children's bible stories books. Kim and Luke listened very attentively and enjoyed making the donkeys.
Mark and Grace made palm branches using this pattern.
Mark is putting a pipe cleaner on the back of his palm branch so he can wave it when we re-enact the first Palm Sunday, as Jesus entered the city.
Amy helped also. (Gotcha! Amy!)
We have a nice display now to remind us how the people felt about Jesus just 5 days before His crucifixion.
We also read Benjamin's Box today, and opened our Resurrection Eggs. (You can still get these for an amazing $6.99 at CBD)
The book tells the story of Benjamin, a boy living during the time of Jesus. As Benjamin follows Jesus, he witnesses the events of Holy Week and picks up an item to remind him of the events. He saves these small items to help teach others about the Good News of Jesus. The Resurrection Eggs contain these items, telling the story of Holy week in a way even the my youngest children enjoy.

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Rhonda said...

Great crafts. Those Ressurection Eggs are just so cool!