Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet--Down on the Farm

Our trip "down on the farm" has come to an end--we could probably go on forever--but the library wants its 30 or so farm books back and it is time to move on...

I wanted to share just a couple more fun things we did this week. The kids really enjoyed these Melissa and Doug Baby Farm Animal Stamps.
Everyone got into the fun.
Kimberly was a very enthusiastic two handed stamper.
We also had great fun with these two books: I Wish that I had Duck Feet and The Golden Egg Book.
These books were great read together, because after I Wish that I had Duck Feet we made the transition to Easter by reading The Golden Egg Book. This very sweet Margaret Wise Brown book is about a bunny and an egg that later hatches into a duckling.
What else could we do after reading I Wish that I had Duck Feet but make out own "duck feet".
I made my own pattern and cut the feet out of orange foam. The kids simply slipped them over their feet and then waddled and quacked away.
I hope everyone has enjoyed this time "down on the farm" .
We will be concentrating on Easter for the next week, and then we will need to get started on another theme---feel free to comment and send some fun suggestions my way.

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Rhonda said...

I have truly enjoyed your down on the farm theme. It brought back so many memories of the time that Lindsay and I spent while doing this theme. Thank you so much for sharing this!