Friday, April 17, 2009

We Made It: Friday Showcase

I first saw this cute idea over at The Forest Room, and I knew it would be the perfect thing to add a little "springtime" to the house.
All that is needed is: pipe cleaners, pony beads, and flower shapes cut out of foam sheets.
I cut out all the flower shapes ahead of time, and then just provided pony beads and pipe cleaners.
Perfect for springtime.
Kimberly admiring her work.

Luke wasn't too impressed with making flowers, until we were all done and the pieces had been set aside. This is were I found him, sitting on the floor happily making flower after flower.
Our lovely bouquet!
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Christy said...

LOVE it. We are definitely making those!

Katie said...

Oh I love it, can you do me a favor and email the link to us at ABC & 123? I'd love to add it to our upcoming flower themed post!

Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

That's cute. I'll have to try that soon.


What I love best about your wonderful project is that it can technically be taken a part once the time has come for the decorations to be put away. The same materials can be used over nad over again.

I not only loved your project; I loved your photos as well. Just perfect.

jennwa said...

Those are beautiful. Easy and pretty, just the kind of craft I love.

Thanks for linking and have a terrific weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'll have to do this with my girls. :0)

TwoHeartsTogether said...

Those are so cool! I want to make an adult version for my craft room :D