Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening Day at the Ballpark

Who could believe that it was April in Central New York and the temperature was 86 degrees..
We were hot,
and we had to buy a new bottle of sunscreen.There may still be no leaves on the trees, but the sun was glorious!
We had to find the sunhats.
Gracie up for her first ever at bat!!! She got a hit!!!
She was a great little outfielder also.
Luckily, since we were at the ballpark for 5 hours, a creek runs close by.
Perfect for little explorers.
It is also great for finding rocks to paint into ladybugs----photos coming soon.
We found and identified a Round-leaved Yellow Violet.
She looks like a real slugger.
Mark has moved up to the "big leagues", so this is where he spends a lot of his time, which I am happy about because I think he is too small compared to the other players. (Daddy says he is just fine, leave him alone.)
He did get in the game, and I think he was pretty excited. I did quickly stop taking pictures of him in the outfield because this is what he did.
Wouldn't you know it, he got a hit at his first at bat, first pitch--I am glad I had the camera ready, it was my only chance.
He even made it home during this inning. (Notice the size of the opponent)
This is what Luke did during the game---he getting very good!
Kimberly spent her time in a more lady-like way----talking on the phone---to Auntie Kim.


Rhonda said...

Awww the kids look so cute in their uniforms!

Anonymous said...

"Hello Kimberly, yes, I will come and play with you." Kim