Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tot-School--Holy Week Version

Luke is currently 47 months
Kimberly is currently 35 months
Tot-school revolved around Easter preparations this week. We especially enjoyed many of our special Easter books. These were read many times over the past few weeks.
We colored Easter eggs. Kimberly and Luke really enjoyed doing it this year.
I remember last year they wandered away, but this year, they were involved for every minute.
We made the crosses of Calvery. I saw this over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.
It is so simple, and the results were just lovely. It was perfect for tots to make.
With all the Easter crafting, we had pom poms everywhere this past week. I need to apologize, because I can't find the link to this great idea. (I am sure it was in a fellow Tot-Schooler's post recently)
Kim and Luke both had fun using pom poms to count along with the book Ten Black Dots.
I also drew circles on a piece of paper matching the size of 5 different pom poms. Kimberly used these circles to put the pom poms in order from largest to smallest. She was able to do this, but when I tried to have her put them in order without the control card, she was silly and just threw them around.
Luke also enjoyed sorting them in an egg carton.
Kimberly modeled the new dress I made her for Easter.
After getting on her dress, she and Luke practiced their "swing" dancing.
We also made a vase full of paper lilies.
I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter.
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Christy said...

I love the paper lilies and the crosses of Calvery; I'll have to write those down for next year. We did the Ten Black Dots and posted about it last week but I'm not sure if you saw it on my blog or somewhere else. My kids had fun with that book too. I always enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

Those paper lilies are so beautiful! Looks like a great week learning about Easter.

Sarah said...

Love the paper lillies! They are so cool!