Monday, April 20, 2009

Unplugged Project-Science-Warm Air Rises Experiment

This weeks Unplugged Project was SCIENCE, and I didn't have to go any farther than Mark's science book to find a neat experiment to try. This is from Abeka's third grade book, Exporing God's World.
We are studing weather, and one of the main causing of weather is temperature and the fact that warm air rises, so we set out to prove that warm air rises.
We needed:
2 identical aluminum cans
a yardstick
Put a hole in the center of each can and knot a string and put it through the hole.

Hang a yardstick on something---we just used a tack to hang it from the ceiling. Tie the aluminum cans to each end of the yardstick, being careful to make it balance. This was a science experiment all on its own.
Carefully hold a candle under one of the cans. The air in the can begins to heat up---the can also gets very hot---so do not touch it!!
Slowly the can containing warm air began to rise: proving---warm air rises!!
I love it when the experiment works!!
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Jennifer said...

That is very cool.

Crescent Moon said...

That's a great experiment! Yet another thing I need to try to remember for future use.

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a good project...

Rhonda said...

Oh I remember this experiment in our Abeka Science book! It was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

looks interesting!!!it should be gr8 fun.

Kidipede said...

Excellent project! Would you mind if I borrowed the idea for my website pages on hot air rising?