Friday, April 10, 2009

Suncatcher Crosses

This is a very simple craft if you do it properly---I will explain.
I made a blue cross yesterday-(which you will see below)- following this procedure. I cut a cross out of paper as a pattern. I placed an open laminating sheet over the cross and then placed torn tissue paper over the cross in the colors I wanted. Above is Mark beginning his cross.

I then ran the laminating sheet and tissue paper through the laminator. I just used the white sheet of paper as a guide to hold up the flimsy tissue paper and laminate. Yesterday it worked fine.
Today it sucked up the laminating sheet and tissue paper and nothing came out. The whole sheet was squished up inside the laminator. OH NO!
I called on my handy dandy 16 year old to try to make my laminator workable again.
He succeeded and here you can see the beautiful cross he removed from the inside of the laminator. I think the tissue is just to thin to put through the laminator--I won't try it this way again.
For Gracie's cross I taped the paper cross onto the table. I placed a piece of clear contact paper-sticky side up over the cross and Grace placed torn tissue paper over the cross.
I then put another clear contact sheet over the first-sealing the cross. I traced the outline of the cross on the contact paper so I knew where to cut.
I cut it out inside the tracings so they wouldn't be seen.
They are just beatiful hanging on our back door--it was a perfect craft for Good Friday.
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jennwa said...

Those are absolutely beautiful.

Have a great Easter.

Anne said...

I did this last week but yours came out better. They look great!

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

what pretty crosses!!!

Rhonda said...

Sorry you had so much trouble with them the first time, but it sure was worth it. These are just beautiful!