Friday, October 23, 2009

We Made It: Friday Showcase...Halloween Luminary

Last year we made fall luminaries and they turned out so nice, I decided to revisit this idea and have Mark and Grace make "halloween luminaries".
Supplies needed:
small clear glass votive candle holders
halloween stickers
black and white tissue paper
white glue
tealight candle
First we put halloween stickers on the votive glass jars.
Mark made sure to place them "just right".
Water down white glue in a mixture of 2 parts glue and 1 part water.
Tear tissue paper into small pieces.
Use a paintbrush to put glue on the glass, lay the tissue onto the glue and then add another layer of glue. Continue doing this until covered--overlapping edges.
Apply the tissue paper right over the stickers.
Mark and Grace made these totally on their own!
The final step is to let the gluey candle holder dry.
It actually only took about 2 hours, even though, from the looks of it, it would take a lot longer.
Use a tealight inside the candle holder,
and then sit back and enjoy your children's handiwork.
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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a great idea to use stickers! I'm planning to do the tissue and votive holder next week with M, but adding stickers to the project never entered my mind! These turned out awesome!

The Watts Family said...

Very cute they did a wonderful job~Blessings Heather

Christy said...

Very cute idea! We will be trying this one this week. Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

They did a bootiful job on them! *giggles*