Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Progresso Panko Giveaway-now closed

Thanks to Progresso and My Blog Spark, I have had the opportunity to tryout Progresso Panko bread crumbs and Progresso chicken broth (which I already use).
"Panko is Japan’s secret ingredient for crunch. A flaky bread crumb with a coarse texture and jagged edges, panko imparts a delicate crispiness perfect for frying or baking. For nearly a decade, panko has been popping up on the plates of fine dining restaurants, but for the home chef, panko has been difficult to find. Not anymore. Progresso Foods introduces its newest gourmet bread crumb, panko, in two flavors, plain and Italian." from Progresso's website.
My kids especially enjoy them as breading for homemade chicken strips. They remain crispy and tender after baking.
Also available on is a coupon for $1.00*off any two Progresso products. At you’ll find a coupon for $.50 off a package of broth
Now, thanks to Progresso and My Blog Spark I am offering on lucky winner the opportunity to win this great prize package. It includes
Progresso panko,
a carton of Progresso broth,
a measuring cup,
a slotted spoon,
a soup ladle,
and a sheet pan for baking.
*To enter this giveaway please leave a comment telling about your tip for using panko or broth.
After this first entry you can get extra entries by:
1. become a follower of my blog
2. add this post to a giveaway weekly "link up" and tell me about it
3. get 2 extra chances for blogging about this giveaway and letting me know
The winner will be drawn on 10/28 using the random number generator.


Melanie said...

I love using the panko-style breadcrumbs on chicken tenders! Yummy!!

Stephanie Reed said...

Your blog title is so cute. Ten kids...and a dog! You are one busy lady. I like to use broth when I cook chicken in the crockpot. I dot the chicken with butter and add about a cup of broth to keep it moist.

Celeste said...

I use the Panko breadcrumbs as well--they make a great crunchy topping for casseroles and a delicious alternative to batter for frying chicken. Yum!

Theresa said...

I love panko for frying fish. Makes it very light and crispy. We eat a lot of fish here in the Keys!

JenPre said...

I like to use the breadcrumbs on chicken parm. Yum! I use the broth when I make soups (although that doesn't happen very often!). I love all the progresso products though....its the only "canned" soup that my husband will eat!

Country Life said...

I just used panko for the first time 2 days ago. I made pork chops and boy were they good!! The whole family loved how crispy they were, plus the coating of crumbs didn't fall off.

Thank you for entering me into your contest.


JC said...

My tip of using panko- it's very versatile, don't be afraid to try. It's not only good with meat, but veggie too!

JC said...

I'm a follower.

JC said... blogged.

JC said... blogged.

cpullum said...

I haven't used eaither one yet but I would use the Panko to make meatballs! I bet they would taste good!!

Birdie S. said...

when I oven fry with Panko I always reduce my oven temp by 25 degrees that way the coating soesn't burn........

Birdie S. said...

I follow U on GFC