Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little 8 year old miracle in the house-in the midst of chaos!

What a day!!
What a day!!
It always seems that way on Gracie's birthday, and today was no exception.
The "day" started last night when I baked the cakes that Becky made into this lovely "Barbie" cake this morning.
8 years old!!
Also this morning I had to have Gracie to religion class at 9:50. That is early for us, I kind of gave up on getting any school work done today.
Candle glow
After religion class we hurried home to made a giant crockpot for mac and cheese for dinner, because things are going to get more complicated.
Becky is getting ready to cut the cake, which means Barbie needs to be extracted from the cake.
For Gracie's birthday lunch we had a big McDonald's treat---Becky headed out to get that.
When Becky got home, I realized that we hadn't figured out anything for Mark to be forthe All-Saints party at church this same evening.
He settled on Moses, but we needed grey hairspray coloring. (a stop at the store will be needed)
That's quite a bit of ice-cream, Kim!
After a quick lunch Mark needs to be at religion class--20 minutes from home---I also decide that we will leave early to stop at the store---we get in the car when I realize I haven't wrapped the presents yet---run into the house and wrap--quickly!
We head to the store and they have no hairspray paint, but I do remember that I need prizes for the All-Saints party at church--I grab these--quickly!
New books about the Rainbow Fairies.
Mark gets to religion. When it is over we head to Holy Cross for a boys and girls soccer game, the semi-final games for each team--Daddy is coach and 3 big kids play.
The school is full of the swine flu--try not to breathe much during this time.
Snow White---hip, hip hooray!!
Becky shows up with the Kim, Luke and Grace at the game--I really hope they don't breathe in any germs.
Snow White herself!!
Midway through the game Matt calls. He has been working 4 hours away in Buffalo, and will need to be picked up at the thruway in 20 minutes---I leave the game to get him.
Gracie thanking Grandparents for their birthday "well wishes"!
After picking up Matt, I stop at home and get mac and cheese to feed hungry hubby who hasn't eaten since this morning--12 hours ago. On the way home I tell Matt about the swine flu---he wants to be dropped off at his big brothers apartment which is germ free (he hopes) I don't really blame him!
Girls win their game.
Parents of seniors are honored between games--I smile as I stand next to my Danny and accept a rose, proud to be his mother, but also a feeling a little flushed from all the running.
Mark helping Grace put on her new St. Grace medal. What a wonderful big brother.
Boys soccer game starts--we are winnning --Dan is a great goalie.
I find children and make sure they have costumes for All-Saints party, candy, prizes and a dozen cookies ( I forgot that we made the cookies today)
Thankfully, Becky takes the kids to the party--I watch the rest of the boys game--WE WIN (both games)
Dan, I, Kim and Luke head for home---I feed these very hungry people. Daddy has to finish up at the game because he is the Athletic Director of the school.
We get ready for the arrival of the birthday girl. I expect her 45 minutes after bedtime.
They get home. Grace informs me that I forgot to give them any dinner--so she and Mark ate cookies. (Bless her little birthday heart) I hear about a great party and then we celebrate my little miracle girl!!
This celebration is shown in the above photos--the kids are even smiling!!
It is 2 1/2 hours past bedtimes, and the party is over! (10:30 pm)
I hope everyone sleeps in tomorrow!!!
Just a typical day around the "little house" with Ten Kids and a Dog.


Anonymous said...

I got really tired just reading that log of your day!!!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gracie!!!

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful cake. Wow you have been busy!