Friday, October 2, 2009

Open Ended Art-Egg shell mosaic

We have been saving our egg shells in anticipation of this week's Open Ended Art: Eggshell Mosaic.

Half the fun was coloring the egg shells!
We used the traditional food coloring, vinegar and boiling water technique.
We were all well stained after this portion of the project, but did you know, baking soda will get all the food coloring off your counter and off everyone's hands.

The colors were great, especially the inside of the shells. Every egg shell had two distinct shades of color.
We got our shells ready after they were very dry-AKA-the next day.
These are a very neat medium to work with.
I printed some leaves of card stock for Kim and Luke to work on.
A paint brush and slightly water downed white glue helped get "a little" glue where it was needed.
Luke at work.
Laura at work.
Mark, deep in thought, planning his mosaic.
Gracie at work.
Laura's mosaic--a fill in the spaces doodle
Kim and Luke's leaves
Gracie's flower
Mark's "shades of blue" flower
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Michelle said...

We really enjoyed this medium too! There mosaics look great :0)

Julie said...

Wow, those look great! What a fun project. :)

Zonnah said...

They turned out so colorful :)

Rhonda said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

those egg shells are such a bright color! very pretty pictures