Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tot School

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Kimberly is currently 41 months old
If Tot School with Kimberly has any challenges it is trying to keep up with the amount of "school" she wants to do. She wants to "do school" all day, everyday, and that is becoming a big challenge around here. With 10 other kids, 9 at home--it is becoming tricky to keep her occupied, but I will continue to try!
Her most "schooly" work is her weekly reader type pages.
This week we used the Scholastic Clifford pumpkin activity sheets. Check out this site and you can preview the activity pages for free.
She is getting very good at cutting.
I cut the strip out in one line, and then Kim cut out the individual pumpkins and letter p's.
We did the patterns together and then she colored her paper.
We explored fall colors with cookie cutters and paint.
Kimmy loves this type of painting.
We also had a few beautiful autumn days to play in the leaves.
We came inside and investigated the leaves...
and then made leaf rubbings. She was amazed when the leaves magically appeared on the paper.
A surprising activity that has kept her busy is Gracie's fraction board.
She used it as a puzzle, matching up the colors.
We also had fun using homemade stamps to make orange on black painting.
I made a felt board for the kids last week and the first felt set I made was 5 Little Pumpkins.
I found the printable for this on the DLTK website.
Kim loves this and has learned the whole rhyme by heart.
You can see her sing it here.
We also explored real pumpkins this week.
Above she is washing her hands in the pumpkin pulp.
We counted pumpkin seeds.
Kimmy helped her partner, Grace, put the seeds in groups of ten so Gracie could count them.
We also made pumpkin pie from our pumpkins.
You can check that out here.
Dora Chutes and Ladders was a big hit this week,
as were Lauri pegs. This is the number train.

I also took the My First Leadpad off the shelf this week.
She has been playing with this a lot.
She finally has gotten the hang of this and can use it all on her own.
Kim loves to scoop and pour.
This week she used our dried pumpkin seeds and indian corn.

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Sybille said...

Hi, you received an award from me!

Rebecca said...

Aw, thats so great that she wants to 'do' school so much! Im sure it gets hard at times, but thats a big blessing! I love the way the cookie cutter painting came out!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

She is a busy girl! I have to say, I love her outfit in the fraction board photo! :) I'm going to go check out those activity pages! Everything you did looks like a lot of fun - she's a lucky little girl!

Erin said...

That's so wonderful that she wants to do so much school!! Although, I'm sure it is tiring too. Thanks for the activity page links!