Friday, October 30, 2009

A Yummy Surprise From a Wonderful Friend!!

What a wonderful surprise arrived today from a dear "cyber world" friend who has become a wonderful "real friend". What a wonderful lady, to think of me, half a country apart, as I struggle and get down with the busynessand life with ten kids who get sick, one after another, and bicker, alot, as the walls of "the little house" sometimes close in around us!
I don't really know how Cay knew that potato cheddar soup is about my favorite all time soups--(with a little broccoli and ham thrown in) but it certainly did the trick today.
The wonderful Fed-ex man arrived, I opened the package, grew very excited and immediately sent Becky to the store for broccoli!
I had the soup cooking by the time she returned, a short 15 minutes later. I threw the broccoli in, finished cooking, and then informed all the kids that I wasn't home and to be quiet---I then took the book I am reading and sat and savored that delicious soup and book for a good 20 minutes.
I did then have to return to the real "swine flu" world--but I was in sooo much of a better mood!

I didn't have the patience to make these treats today, but I believe they are on my "to do" list for tomorrow.
Especially the very interesting looking beer bread.
Thanks again, Cay!! You really made my day!!

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What a sweet and wonderful gesture!

Love that!