Monday, October 19, 2009

Tree Hugging Tots: Kids Exploring Nature: In the Backyard

This week's Tree Hugging Tots: Kids Exploring Nature theme was backyard fun.
We can always find nature in our backyard, whether we look out the window to see deer and turkeys or head outside to get a closer look at nature.
Of course, this time of year, it is the leaves that catch the attention of the kids first. The lovely colors are irresistable.
Not all the leaves have fallen yet, or even changed color. This is because we didn't get our first hard freeze until a few days ago.
Everything will turn color and fall quickly now.
We discovered that most of the apples from the old apple tree have fallen.
Usually these attract deer, but on this sunny day they also were attracting bees, hornets and flies.
The sunflowers are drooping and the birds have eaten most of the seeds.
The wild grapes are very sweet now, especially since the freeze.
The kids spotted someone else enjoying the grapes!
These are about the only flowers still alive.
Late purple asters
The fall has been quite dry, and the creek is almost dry.
Kim and Luke exploring the creek bed.
They found a little water under the "bridge" they built this summer.
Definitely a beautiful backyard for plenty of nature exploration.
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Rebecca said...

You found some cool tings back there! Love the pic of Kim and her brother running :)

Virginia Lee said...

Love the first pic of your daughter with the fall leaf. Your back yard is amazing.

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

beautiful pictures!!! that spider is a scary little guy!!!

love this post! you have a great backyard

SANDRA said...

Your day of exploration in your backyard was colorful and great. You have some natural explorers there! Wonderful photos! My boys loved seeing the spider photo.

whisperingwhispers said...

What cool finds in your backyard.

Sadie said...

Great fall pics!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Wow it sounds like you could live next door to us! I love that you have wild grapes - how awesome! We had green very late into the season too, but just had our first hard freeze. Your yard is beautiful and perfect for so many children to explore!

Motherbird said...

Great fall pictures! You are lucky to have such a wonderful place for the kids to explore!